When choosing a countertop, there are many things to consider. Quartz and granite are both excellent choices but each have their pros and cons.


Quartz offers a beautiful clean look with a lot of color options for anyone's style. You can have something very simple and chic or something very bold and dramatic. It is scratch and stain resistant and doesn't need to be sealed. Quartz can burn if you try to set a hot pan on it so make sure to use a potholder.


Granite is natural stone and is very durable. It is heat, stain and scratch resistant. Colors range from blacks, neutrals, grays, and whites. Some even have fun pops of color. You can get certain styles of granite in a leathered option which adds a unique element to your space. Granite can also be used in an outdoor space.Since granite is a natural stone, it should be sealed when first installed and will need to be resealed over time.

Either option should last you a very long time with little to no problems as long as it is properly taken care of. When choosing between the two you should consider which fits best into your lifestyle, design style, and budget. We have a wide range of samples of each for you to check out!